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A Personal Journey

15th Feb 2015. A month after my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Now, how much did i lose? Before surgery: 155.5kg. Now 145.5kg. 10kg down. YEEHAAA

Stomach Surgery solves her health woes

Aug 15, 2009 Last November, Miss Christine Kunasekaran found out she had to take medication for hypertension. The ITE student, who was 107kg at her heaviest, realised she had to do something drastic. “I’m quite young to be taking medication for [...]

Bariatric Surgery Changed His Life

2015 The expansion phases could be drastic at times: During a business trip, he put on so much weight that he had to get new clothes tailored there. He had up to five bowel movements a day due to the sheer amount of food he consumed.

Losing weight is a lifestyle

2015 Growing up, Robin was told a thousand times the story of how his grandma who raised him had to use Chinese herbs to plump him up as a skinny child. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he was egged on to eat a lot, to make sure he [...]

Rawatan kecantikan ekstrem

Nov, 2012 Berat badan En Shaun Lawrence, 32, dan Puan Rozita Ramlee, 36, melebihi 100kg sebelum ini. Hari ini, tiada siapa yang dapat menduga mereka pernah obes. Atau pernah mengambil pelbagai jenis ubat untuk pelbagai penyakit yang berkaitan [...]

From size XXXL to M

Nov 24, 2011 Mrs Mangay Sundaram, 49, used to dread looking at her stomach. It had become hard and blackened from all the needle puncture wounds caused by the daily insulin injections she had needed since she was 42.

Turun 40kg

Jul 13, 2011 SEMASA berat badannya mencecah 147 kilogram, Cik Noraini Ramli sungguh risau, selain bosan kerana banyak bajunya tidak muat lagi untuk dipakai. Kerisauannya dirumitkan lagi dengan pelbagai penyakit kronik yang dihidapi Cik Noraini, [...]